Friday, April 1, 2011


Almost everyone in our family snores but if it were a competition, my father would probably win the championship belt.

Whether he's taking his regular afternoon siesta or passing out out after an occasional drinking spree with friends and fellow municipal officials, he'd surely belt out a symphony of snores. In addition, he would also win the most creative and genuine award since his series of snores vary in pitch, tone, melody and tempo. Trust me, it's as if you're listening to an ipod shuffle. After less than a minute of soft, long and calmly delivered snores, it abruptly changes into sudden, uptempo shrills that later on resembles a fishing vessel slowly docking at a nearby bay.

Snoring is the vibration of respiratory structures and the resulting sound due to unobstructed air movement during breathing while sleeping.

Despite his relatively loud and distracting habit of ZZZzz-snoring, I still love my dad just the way he is. Come to think of it, without the snores everything seems to be incomplete. I'm not tolerating the boisterous reverberation especially when someone's in dire need of a good rest. It's just nice to hear a familiar sound every time you are home.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Wardrobe malfunctions don’t just happen to the likes of Anne Curtis or Janet Jackson. Whether you are young, old, boy, girl, celebrity or not, this unfortunate and most of the time embarrassing ordeal happens to everyone. As a matter of fact, I just had one. No, I was not performing vigorously onstage amidst hundreds of screaming fans nor was I aimlessly unwinding by the beach. However, the madlang people were there to witness it. No, I was not on Showtime. Stop guessing! Here’s how it happened...

Before going home, I stopped by the school’s restroom to take a leak. Then, I headed out of the campus and after a good 10 minute walk from Mapua and through the historical streets of Intramuros, I arrived at the loading station in front of the Manila City hall. I also waited for the Makati/ Ayala bound bus for about 15 minutes. I boarded the bus and as I sat down, my wide-open fly greeted me inelegantly.

Oh, crap! Did I just march around the heart of Manila with my zipper all the way down? My goodness! Did I just expose my junk and tighty whities out on public? I cannot believe how I didn’t notice it. In the span of 25 minutes, people may have presumed that I was a pervert; walking around giving everyone a peep show.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Down on One Knee

Growing up I never really liked sports and sports never loved me back. Yes, i do enjoy the occasional badminton games but other than that, sports and I don't really jive.

You'll be amazed how this scrawny string bean kid survived all P.E. classes. I myself can't believe how I managed to get a grade high enough to make Usain Bolt, Yao Ming and even Manny Pacquiao proud.

Walking and running serve as my main forms of exercise. Sometimes I also ride the bike.

Our family recently had an out of town trip. On that trip, one of our bonding activities was cy
cling. We all enjoyed riding our bikes while a stunning view of the coastline served as the backdrop.

Then, something horrible ha
ppened. Don't worry, there were no tsunamis or some sort of natural calamity. I just got into an accident. Nothing major but very painful to say the least.

While I was ridi
ng my bike, a toddler passed by in front of me. My first instinct was to avoid him and that I did. I used the left brake -terrible move- prompting the front wheel to abruptly stop while the other went on. Like a flying torpedo, I flew forward and fell off the bike.

As gravity pulled me closer to the rough and gritty ground, the TV commercial wherein
children started ridiculing another kid whom they called lampayatot, replayed in my mind over and over again.

Everything happened so fast. Next thing I knew, the toddler's father was helping me stand up after that catastrophic doom. I thanked him and decided to sit along the pavement. As I sat down and waited for my family members who were happily frolicking at a distance, my badly bruised left knee came into sight. Moments later, as the ocean breeze blew in, I started feeling the pain. Excruciating... Agonizing.... Unbearable pain! It was even more painful than the anti-acne facial treatment that I had the night before.

Now, I can't walk straight nor run. I have to limp my way to every destination. Climbing several flights of stairs is torture. I have to be on guard or else something or someone might crash into the open wound. Also, wearing shorts is highly recommended since it prevents the abrasion from colliding with the fabric.

For the mean time, I can't take long walks and engage in running activities. Also, I won't be riding the bicycle. I suppose mind exercises are still available.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Who should be ashamed?

I just went for an afternoon stroll at Cash and Carry mall. I do this to get rid of boredom and to enjoy the fully air-conditioned ambiance that our apartment cannot provide.

As I passed by Red Ribbon, I came across with a 50 or 60 something year old Chinese businessman who pompously strutted his way along the mall’s lengthy hallway. He wore a pinstriped long-sleeved polo shirt and pastel colored slacks. He also paired it with several chain necklaces and a...

Oh no he didn’t. But YES, he did! I looked down and definitely, we were both sporting the exact Vans classic navy blue slip-on shoes. If there were any fashion police around the perimeter, we would have been fined for stealing one’s look from the other.

Who should be ashamed?
Has my style shifted towards the grandpa direction? Or is he going through a rough path of trying to look young and hip while ageing?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So long, Farewell Auf Weidersehen, Goodbye!

After 17 years of bringing joy, sadness, excitement, drama, horror and sheer laughter, our beloved 14-inch old school Hitachi television set finally bid farewell. He will surely be missed.

As he crosses the great beyond and probably join its creator, we are in deep mourning as we send off its remains. Despite not knowing the exact cause of its dismay, we have found acceptance in our hearts due to its relatively old age.

When my late grandfather and aunt arrived here in Manila, one of their first purchases was this boxy fellow. From 1994 up to the present, this appliance provided total entertainment to everyone. It went along as they moved to different apartments.

Whenever my brothers and I went to Manila for a visit or a short vacation, this TV set alleviated our boredom. It served a hodgepodge of programs ranging from cartoons, reality and variety shows to all-time movie classics.

And when I moved in with my aunt as I studied for college, this TV became one of my companions who relentlessly shared stories of happiness, sorrow and success. It showed me the world without having to pay any plane tickets. It introduced me to various cultures, places and events. It also shared a glimpse of the universe minus the uncomfortable suit worn by astronauts. It practically brought information in mammoth proportions.

Its final struggle began several months before the end of 2010. And as 2011 ushered in, our beloved TV took its long overdue rest.

As I post this blog, my aunt and I are off to buy a new television set. Nothing fancy or excessively priced. A simple TV set that could continue on the legacy of providing uninterrupted entertainment will do.

So long, Farewell, Auf Weidersehen, Goodbye!

photo courtesy of Andrew Leipzig

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Swell Stuff from Pam Pastor's book launch

I had my copy of Paper Cuts signed. She even wrote a personal message. I also got a kick ass button pin with a teddy bear drawn by the author.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Paper Cuts is a compilation of Pam Pastor's outrageous and side-splitting stories.

I stumbled upon Paper Cuts last wednesday afternoon, after I needed a break from thesis writing. I decided to go to National Bookstore to temporarily rid myself from everything "nursing home design" related. I browsed several magazines and coffee table books but that didn't do the trick. I was still feeling a bit under the weather. I thought to myself, I need something to cheer me up...

My first instinct was to devour any type of comfort food to relieve myself from the cloud of stress hovering above me. And since Jollibee was just around the corner, I pledged myself to an array of delectable meals. Don't get me wrong, like what I've said, I just needed something to cheer me up. A sufficient dose of fries, sundae and hamburger were several images running across my mind.

Before I left the bookstore, I stopped by the Philippine Literature/ Phil. Fiction section. I looked at several titles and read a few back covers. Then I saw this somewhat colorful book with an interesting catch phrase/ by-line. PAPER CUTS... Dodging deadlines, Celebrity run-ins and other stories I told the internet...

I read its back cover and it's as if a ray of comedic sunshine started to appear. For a moment I forgot about "nursing home design" and all of my thoughts of eating comfort food were thrown out of the window. I immediately purchased the book and the rest is history.

Pam Pastor's Paper Cuts is divided into seven chapters of awesomeness. Madhouse- my favorite, On the Job, The Weird files- my other favorite, Backstage pass, Calories, Buzzed and Passport.

Now, whenever I don't feel like writing my thesis or just need a break from all that stress, I turn to Paper Cuts! Thanks Miss Pam! I'm looking forward to Paper Cuts2.

Paper Cuts is now available at National Bookstore and Powerbooks branches.

She WORKS hard for the money!

After going to school, I went straight ahead to Glorietta to shop for a formal attire. The bus came to a complete stop as soon as the traffic light turned red. The bus was jam-packed. Luckily, I was able to sit in front or else I would have been trapped amidst the countless passengers inside.

While the bus was immobile, I succumbed to people watching. Some were undeniably exhausted after a day's work while others happily chatted with fellow officemates as they reminisced about their awesome day in the workplace.

I gazed outside and to my surprise, I saw an old lady asking for alms along Ayala avenue. I was amazed to see her in what seems to be an all black raggedy corporate attire. Her getup may be filthy and torn along the edges but if you squint your eyes, you could definitely see a dated working girl strolling by the busy sidewalks of the business district. She may have felt the need to level up with the Makati crowd as she embodied the essence of power dressing. The light turned green. As our bus moved forward, I looked back at the beggar who has been working hard for her money.