Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Xanadu Experience

Unlike the past musicals that I have seen, Xanadu offers on-stage seats. So I grabbed the chance. Well, I have two valid reasons behind this decision of mine. Theater and production design are part of my interior design curriculum in college. Basically, I wanted to observe and see things up close. Witnessing what goes on behind those thick velvet curtains is pretty much interesting. You get to be acquainted with the flow and the chaos. Secondly, the on-stage seats are the cheapest. Roughly, it is a third or maybe a quarter of the prices of the VIP or patron seats.

When I had my seat reserved online, its location was on either side of the stage. However, when we were already allowed to enter the theater, I was astonished to see that our actual seats were at the middle of the stage. We were not just part of audience, we were part of the play. Since the musical has several scenes involving the roller disco, we turned out to be the living props s by the rink. The entire group who signed up for these seats were simply surprised. We were instructed not to mak
e unnecessary movements since it might distract the actors. We were also told that during the 90 minute show, no one is allowed to go on a bathroom break.

Also, we were given props in the form of light emitting ring-like gadgets that were to be used during the finale song. The lady in charge also mentioned that at some point the actors may interact with us. She advised us to participate even if it means total public humiliation. Our cellular phones were also deposited to a counter at the theater lobby for it may cause some sort of interference.

Soon, the lights started to dim and the show eventually started. Kudos to Mr. Bobby Garcia. The musical was undoubtedly amazing and super duper funny. Rachel Alejandro's performance was magnificent. I still can't believe how she was able to sing, dance and act while wearing those roller skates. The entire cast did a great job. Chari Arespacochaga's rendition of an evil muse was very commendable. Felix Rivera and veteran actor; Noel Trinidad also wowed the audience with their theatrical prowess. Congrats to all the cast and crew of this surprise hit Broadway musical. Long live Xanadu!

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