Saturday, January 29, 2011

She WORKS hard for the money!

After going to school, I went straight ahead to Glorietta to shop for a formal attire. The bus came to a complete stop as soon as the traffic light turned red. The bus was jam-packed. Luckily, I was able to sit in front or else I would have been trapped amidst the countless passengers inside.

While the bus was immobile, I succumbed to people watching. Some were undeniably exhausted after a day's work while others happily chatted with fellow officemates as they reminisced about their awesome day in the workplace.

I gazed outside and to my surprise, I saw an old lady asking for alms along Ayala avenue. I was amazed to see her in what seems to be an all black raggedy corporate attire. Her getup may be filthy and torn along the edges but if you squint your eyes, you could definitely see a dated working girl strolling by the busy sidewalks of the business district. She may have felt the need to level up with the Makati crowd as she embodied the essence of power dressing. The light turned green. As our bus moved forward, I looked back at the beggar who has been working hard for her money.

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