Sunday, February 13, 2011

Down on One Knee

Growing up I never really liked sports and sports never loved me back. Yes, i do enjoy the occasional badminton games but other than that, sports and I don't really jive.

You'll be amazed how this scrawny string bean kid survived all P.E. classes. I myself can't believe how I managed to get a grade high enough to make Usain Bolt, Yao Ming and even Manny Pacquiao proud.

Walking and running serve as my main forms of exercise. Sometimes I also ride the bike.

Our family recently had an out of town trip. On that trip, one of our bonding activities was cy
cling. We all enjoyed riding our bikes while a stunning view of the coastline served as the backdrop.

Then, something horrible ha
ppened. Don't worry, there were no tsunamis or some sort of natural calamity. I just got into an accident. Nothing major but very painful to say the least.

While I was ridi
ng my bike, a toddler passed by in front of me. My first instinct was to avoid him and that I did. I used the left brake -terrible move- prompting the front wheel to abruptly stop while the other went on. Like a flying torpedo, I flew forward and fell off the bike.

As gravity pulled me closer to the rough and gritty ground, the TV commercial wherein
children started ridiculing another kid whom they called lampayatot, replayed in my mind over and over again.

Everything happened so fast. Next thing I knew, the toddler's father was helping me stand up after that catastrophic doom. I thanked him and decided to sit along the pavement. As I sat down and waited for my family members who were happily frolicking at a distance, my badly bruised left knee came into sight. Moments later, as the ocean breeze blew in, I started feeling the pain. Excruciating... Agonizing.... Unbearable pain! It was even more painful than the anti-acne facial treatment that I had the night before.

Now, I can't walk straight nor run. I have to limp my way to every destination. Climbing several flights of stairs is torture. I have to be on guard or else something or someone might crash into the open wound. Also, wearing shorts is highly recommended since it prevents the abrasion from colliding with the fabric.

For the mean time, I can't take long walks and engage in running activities. Also, I won't be riding the bicycle. I suppose mind exercises are still available.

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  1. It's cooler to say that I fell off a motor bike than saying I fell off a bicycle. The former is more bad-ass than the latter.My left knee still hurts!