Friday, February 4, 2011

Who should be ashamed?

I just went for an afternoon stroll at Cash and Carry mall. I do this to get rid of boredom and to enjoy the fully air-conditioned ambiance that our apartment cannot provide.

As I passed by Red Ribbon, I came across with a 50 or 60 something year old Chinese businessman who pompously strutted his way along the mall’s lengthy hallway. He wore a pinstriped long-sleeved polo shirt and pastel colored slacks. He also paired it with several chain necklaces and a...

Oh no he didn’t. But YES, he did! I looked down and definitely, we were both sporting the exact Vans classic navy blue slip-on shoes. If there were any fashion police around the perimeter, we would have been fined for stealing one’s look from the other.

Who should be ashamed?
Has my style shifted towards the grandpa direction? Or is he going through a rough path of trying to look young and hip while ageing?

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