Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So long, Farewell Auf Weidersehen, Goodbye!

After 17 years of bringing joy, sadness, excitement, drama, horror and sheer laughter, our beloved 14-inch old school Hitachi television set finally bid farewell. He will surely be missed.

As he crosses the great beyond and probably join its creator, we are in deep mourning as we send off its remains. Despite not knowing the exact cause of its dismay, we have found acceptance in our hearts due to its relatively old age.

When my late grandfather and aunt arrived here in Manila, one of their first purchases was this boxy fellow. From 1994 up to the present, this appliance provided total entertainment to everyone. It went along as they moved to different apartments.

Whenever my brothers and I went to Manila for a visit or a short vacation, this TV set alleviated our boredom. It served a hodgepodge of programs ranging from cartoons, reality and variety shows to all-time movie classics.

And when I moved in with my aunt as I studied for college, this TV became one of my companions who relentlessly shared stories of happiness, sorrow and success. It showed me the world without having to pay any plane tickets. It introduced me to various cultures, places and events. It also shared a glimpse of the universe minus the uncomfortable suit worn by astronauts. It practically brought information in mammoth proportions.

Its final struggle began several months before the end of 2010. And as 2011 ushered in, our beloved TV took its long overdue rest.

As I post this blog, my aunt and I are off to buy a new television set. Nothing fancy or excessively priced. A simple TV set that could continue on the legacy of providing uninterrupted entertainment will do.

So long, Farewell, Auf Weidersehen, Goodbye!

photo courtesy of Andrew Leipzig

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